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Mission Statement

Divorce is an extremely volatile and challenging time for both adults and children. There are legal, financial, emotional, and social implications that one needs to navigate. Our mission is to help support each individual in their divorce journey for the best outcome while learning and growing from the experience to transform into a better, not bitter person.

 WHY JOIN DivorceResource.community?

1) Knowing that others are going through or come before you with the same concerns, issues and feelings can help you feel less isolated and confused.

2) A support system in addition to your circle of friends, formal counseling groups and family members.

3) A place where you can be anonymous (use different first and last names) to share and ask freely and safely without worried about judgments and other ramifications. 

4) Friends often feel uncomfortable to discuss or listen to such personal matters especially if they know both parties and do not want to take sides or get caught in the middle.

5) Married people avoid you and often treat divorce like a contagious disease.

6) To lower expenses especially attorney fees. Attorneys usually have vested interest as they earn a living on legal fees.

7) Avoiding rushing into another mistaken relationship.

8) More awareness of the impact on children.

9) More education about the divorce process.

10) Better planning and execution.

11) Lessen the feelings of bitterness, self-righteousness, and victimization.

12) A constructive avenue that will help you be calm and focused as you ride the emotional and legal rollercoaster of divorce.

13) Minimize use of public social networking sites for your own personal divorce-related posts. Previous studies have shown that the more a person uses social media sites, the more likely they were to monitor their partners. AAML surveyed attorneys and found that 4 out of 5 used evidence derived from social networking sites in divorce cases, with Facebook leading the pack. Additionally, 81% of the responding lawyers have used or encountered evidence taken from a social media site.

14) Most importantly, this site will assist and inspire to make the divorce journey a personal transformation process to make you even a better person. It's about being better, not bitter. That's our mission.

DISCLAIMER: All content on this website is strictly for informational purposes only, and do not constitute legal or financial advice. If you require such advice, please consult or retain a lawyer or a financial advisor licensed in your jurisdiction.

TOPICS (Discussion Forums) currently offered:

1) Stay Married? File for Divorce? Alternatives to Divorce?

2) Getting Started with the Divorce Process

3) Kinds of Divorces

4) Do It Yourself Divorce

5) Mediation and Collaboration

6) Arbitration

7) Litigation

8) Money Matters

9) Spousal Support/Alimony

10) Child Custody and Support

11) Parenting/Co-Parenting (Toddlers ages 3 or less)

12) Parenting/Co-Parenting (Children ages 4-12)

13) Parenting/Co-Parenting (Teenagers)

14) Adult Children and Divorce

15) Children with Special Needs

16) Dealing with Family and Friends

17) Physical Wellness + Medical Care

18) Mental & Emotional Wellness

19) Religion and Spiritual Matters

20) Infidelity and Affairs

21) Abuse and Domestic Violence

22) Dating and New Relationships (during the divorce)

23) Divorce Finalization and Agreements

24) Post Divorce: Immediate Next Steps 

25) Post Divorce: Recovery and Renewal

26) Divorce After 50

27) Military Divorce

28) Women’s Only Forum

29) Men’s Only Forum

30) LGBTQ Only Forum

31) Need To Vent? Go For It Here.

32) General Discussion ( Other )

33) The lighter side of life - Divorce Humor

34) Resources and References

35) #Being Better, Not Bitter

36) Community Channel

A Big Thanks

To those members who have already gone through the divorce process and chose to remain in this community to share their experiences and answer questions from other members. 

And all the members who contribute articles, blogs, reviews, etc. and invite others who need help to join this community.